How To Connect Your Bank For Payouts

The most captivating aspect of the entire journey is, after all, the primary reason for engaging in a campaign. You don't need to worry; we've got you covered. Let's explore it and guide you on connecting your bank for payouts!

Plugtent is partnered with Stripe- a very reputable payment processing platform, and this will guarantee a seamless journey to withdrawing the money you have made from Plugtent.

Steps to conconnecting your bank account.

Login to your profile, Click on the "Settings" option on the left side of your screen and navigate to the "Payment Information" option. Click on "Setup Account".

Enter your email address (ensure it is accurate and currently accessible), and then click "Continue."

Complete the required information in the boxes in the picture and click "Continue."

Provide your details (ensure all information is accurate) and proceed.

Enter your bank's SWIFT/BIC code—a unique 8-11 character identifier specifying your country, city, bank, and branch in international financial transactions. You can easily obtain this information by searching online.

Review your details carefully to ensure there were no errors while filling in the form. Once everything is double-checked and accurate, congratulations! You are now officially signed up with Stripe, and your money is ready for withdrawal.

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