How to Connect Facebook Pages to Instagram Accounts

Social media is the new way to market products and services online from the comfort of your home.If you want to engage your target audience in a meaningful way, Instagram is your one-stop-shop for a visual display of your products and services, giving your customers the chance to like, share and comment. These are the steps you need to follow to make social media your advertising tool. 

  1. To get started, you must have an Instagram account and download the app on your device. 

  1. From the Instagram app, click on the “Profile” icon that comes last on the right-hand side on your device (but if it'son a mobile device, the “Profile” icon would be the first icon from the right-hand side at the bottom of your device) 

  1. In your profile page, click on the “Edit Profile” icon next to your profile photo and username (on your mobile device the “Edit Profile” icon is directly beneath the profile photo and next to the “share profile” icon on your device 

  1. You would scroll down on your device and see an optionto “switch to professional account”,it is the second to the last icon on the left-hand side of your device (on your mobile device it comes before the “personal information settings on your device) 

  1. The next optionyou get instructs you to choose what best describes you “Creator” or “Business” 

  1. Once you have picked your desired option, infois displayed describingthe features of the optionyou’vechosen. Click “Next” 

  1. Then you select a category that describes what you do and click “Done” 

  1. You review your Contact Info and “Save” 
  2. Now that you have successfully switched your account to a Professional Account, you must ensure that your Instagram account is connected to a Facebook account by simply clicking on the “Meta Accounts Center” icon when you go to “Edit Profile”.